Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Cindy Tapia speaking. You may know me from the Brandon Lee source site, Star Thriller Brandon Lee, which I took down a few months ago. The heart of it is back with something I always wanted: you can comment on each post and page. 

Enjoy! Learn something! Add your opinion! And Come back soon!

Who Was Brandon Lee?

Stupid question, huh? But the fact is lots of people don't know him beyond  his common definersBruce Lee's son, Eric Draven in The Crow, and "That guy who was shot dead on a movie set." He was so much more..

He was a man of strong character. There was nothing wannabe about him. Early on, he knew what he wanted, went after it as only he could, and became a successful, long range thespian at the precipice of super-stardom at his death.

He was a man for all seasons; 
a man blessed with every gift but the gift of time.  But in those twenty-eight short years he packed in more than most do by fifty. An Outward Bound graduate, a martial artist, biker, rock climber, camper, hiker, guitarist, game player. Who loved Howard and Maude and coffee and Eliza Hutton. He was a fan of Jackie Chan and Jackson Browne. A friend to Lou Diamond Phillips, Miguel Ferrer, Jeff Imada, and Bill Allen. He was a son, brother, fiancé, an arrogant, reckless, troubled young man, grief-stricken over his father's death, yet fighting tooth and nail to remove that son-of-Bruce-Lee comma that defined him. He was a sworn bachelor who refused to change for any woman—until he met Eliza Hutton and became a better man; a man at peace with his demons, a devoted companion, a loving fiancé—and would have become husband and  father had there been time enough.

He was struck down while going about the normal rhythms of his life. But don't call him a victim. Remember him the way he lived his life. And if we must remember his death, remember him as a victor. 

Prologue: The Devil's Advocate

Rumors  fly,  as  always, when  a  celebrity's  death  is  clouded    in mystery.

After Brandon Lee was shot to death on the set of The Crow, curses, murder, hoax, suicide by proxy, and cover up flew like gun smoke on the wind; easily discharged, impossible to grasp or contain. ​

Part One: Child of Fate

Bruce Lee was a 22-year-old sophomore at the University of Washington. Linda Emery was a 17-year-old senior at Garfield High School. He was dark. She was blond. He was a marital artist. She was a cheerleader. It was magic.

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The Hoax

Some people believe Brandon's death was a hoax, and he is alive and kicking somewhere. I got that off of  Morbidly Hollywood. The author didn't believe it anymore than I do. Why would Brandon do such a thing? He wouldn't, would he? He didn't want to live in the shadow of his father; he wanted to erase that comma after his name, not embolden it. He wasn't into drugs; his autopsy tox was clean. He wasn't in any other desperate trouble that anyone has been able to dig up. 

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Curses 2 + 1

Why do some people die young while others live long lives? You can say of the man who lives a violent life or the woman who overdoses on drugs that each chose the wrong paths that led to their deaths. But what about someone who takes the right path and is tragically struck down anyway?​

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Death by Misadventure

So the father rose and made his premature exit, so the son also rose and made his own premature exit.  

Rumors of Murder

Was Brandon Bruce Lee murdered?


What motive?

Does there have  to  a  reason? Of course not. There are human  monsters out  there who kill for no other reason than the pleasure of their gonads. I give you Mark David Chapman, Ted  Bundy, David Berkowitz, Wayne Williams, and other members of the thrill kill scum club.

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Epilogue: The Truth

What is the truth?

That's what I want to know.

Why did Brandon Lee die that morning and not one of the ten thousand several monsters roaming the earth? That's a mystery that can only be revealed in the enlightenment of death.
Was he murdered?

Was he the victim of a curse? 

Have You Seen Brandon Lately?

A number of years ago I ran across some site about haunted Seattle. One of the haunts was Brandon and Bruce Lee’s graves at Lakeview Cemetery. It seems the father and son have been seen practicing Jeet Kune Do on their graves in broad daylight,.

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Essay on Love - Brandon Lee (Attributed)

All people are perspective friends and lovers, and one that is realized the possibilities are limitless. Love always creates and the creative act is the highest scale of which man is capable. Since Love is not a thing, it cannot be lost when given. The loving person must first love himself or herself because you can only give to others what you have yourself.


Brandon and Eliza

What can you say about a man who is 28 years old, but will never be 29?  A man who had every gift but the gift of time? That he was an actor. That he was the son of a famous martial artist/actor Bruce Lee. That he was once a rebel who backed his car the wrong way down a one-way street. That he was known in his early acting years as an arrogant punk.  That he loved pulling pranks, known as  The Prince of  Fun.  That he loved coffee and motorcycles and rock climbing and Jackson Browne and Jackie Chan and Harold and Maude and Eliza Hutton.

What can you say about a man who met the love of his life and was allotted just three short years with her?  That love changed him forever. That it was such a love that the two became one and enriched each other; the sum of all their parts better together than apart.

How do you begin to tell the story of love older than the sea?

What do you say?

Where do you start?

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